Since 1992, at Giacobbe & Asociados Opinión Pública S.A. we conduct studies and research for national and international clients.

We have consolidated our experience in areas of government and politics, civil associations, media and market research. The multiplicity of workspaces we have engaged has allowed us to obtain an analytical global approach of facts. Our wide experience in the field of politics as well as with the business world sets us a step ahead when it comes to seeking effective solutions and the optimization of relations between different sectors of society.

We consider it essential to provide reliable and useful information for strategic decision-making, under a strict standard of professional ethics. We believe that only through the precise study of social behavior and preferences is it possible to suggest and implement actions conducting to influence in a positive way.

In each work plan the advances of information technologies are contemplated, as they entail a constant evolution in the shape of communication between people and, therefore, new habits and a renewed conception of reality. It is our mission to understand and contextualize the socio-cultural changes in order to implement the correct strategy to satisfy every client’s needs.



We conform a multidisciplinary team in which professionals and specialists from various different fields of study participate: sociologists, political scientists, social psychologists, social communicators, journalists, public relations specialists and specialists in banks and finances, among others.  The complexity and characteristics of each study indicate which sciences should intervene at each moment to provide comprehensive analysis proposals and accomplishment of communications and marketing strategies, as well as project development.


President | Jorge Giacobbe

He initiated his consulting activity in 1992. He has presided over Giacobbe & Asociados Opinión Pública S.A. since 2000. He counts with studies in Economy (University of Morón) and Law (UBA, University of Buenos Aires).

In the private sector, he was president of JIM Publicity (public streets), directory president of Diario La Calle (Río Cuarto, Córdoba Province), directory president of EMCOMAT SA, president of consultancy company Imagen SA and managing partner of consultancy firm Germano & Giacobbe SRL. In the public sector, he was Assistant Manager of Heritage Protection at YPF (1984-87) and Auditor at the Accounts Review Commission of State Enterprises, National Senate (1975-76).

Currently, he is member of the Advisory Committee of Poder Ciudadano and the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC). He is founder of “Concenso de Argentina” and “El Club del Puente”. He specializes in public opinion analyses and political consultancy. He was co-author of the book “Behind the scenes of an election” (Konrad Adenauer Foundation), as well as editor to the book “Political Marketing”, by Carlos Guzmán Heredia and wrote the prologue to the book “Press and Communication”, by Adriana Amado Suárez.

For over 20 years he has been publishing articles in Argentine as well as international media. He is usually invited as “observer” in electoral processes in the US and different countries in Latin America.


Director | Lic. Jorge Daniel Giacobbe

Licentiate in Social Communication, graduated from UCES (University of Business and Social Sciences). He took postgraduate studies in Psychology, Marketing and Public Opinion at UBA (University of Buenos Aires), courses about Cities Marketing, Business and Organizational Communication, as well as theoretical and computer tools on statistics.

He was in charge of Institutional Relations at Aguas Bonaerenses SA and fulfilled the commercial career at Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. He has developed experiences at diverse type of NGO’s and integrates de Grupo Prisma, a thought group conformed by diverse referents of social organizations, academy members, business men and social leaders.

He is author to many articles published regarding the studies developed by Giacobbe & Asociados Opinión Pública S.A. 


Director | Lic. Luis Mamone

Bachelor´s Degree in Psychology(UBA). Specialist in Organizational and Community Psychology. He has written books and publications on this subject. Institutional Director of Giacobbe & Asociados Opinión Pública S.A..

PUBLIC SECTOR/He has held diverse institutional positions in the Province of Buenos Aires. He was Under-Secretary of Culture and Education of La Plata Municipality for 6 years.

PRIVATE SECTOR/He conducted institutional training interventions in order to optimize communication at Aeropuertos 2000 in 2014. He carried out a research on Psychosocial Changes in Campana City for the Techint Company. He was part of the National Committee for Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse in the «The Teacher as a Heatlh Agent» Campaign. He has been part of numerous research teams in the fields of adolescence and marginalizaton disorders.

INTERNATIONAL / He has been an international consultant for the United Nations. He participated in the Program of Institutional Reorganization and Extension of Basic Health Services in the Health Sector, a UNDP project for Honduras in 2002. He provided consulting services for the elaboration of an Ongoing Training Plan for hospital personnel in Tegucigalpa and Puerto Cortés in 2003.